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Another World Wikia is a collaborative Wikia Project about Touhoumon - Another World. The Wikia format allows anyone to create or edit any article, let's all work together to create the site. Check out the Help Contents to get started, please!

Touhoumon - Another World Wiki News
  • Hello everyone, this is Shiarathemage. I recently came upon this Wikia while looking for Touhoumon - Another World walkthroughs. If you don't know what Another World, or even Touhoumon is, Touhoumon is a spinoff of Pokemon with Touhou characters, and Another World is a FireRed hack created by AichiyaSanae. I'm going to be trying to complete a Touhoudex of Another World and get the sprites of each Touhoumon, so please, be patient. If you'd like to contribute to this wiki then please send me an email at

Help Build the Wiki
  • If you are wanting to help build the wiki, please send sprites of Touhoumon from Another World ONLY. Any other sprites will be ignored. This is a group effort, people, and I need you all to help. I also need stats and effort yields. Base Stats, Effort Yields (aka EV Yields), Location, and/or trainer teams are appreciated. We're going to finish this damn wiki, and we're to going to start it now!

If there are any experts out there willing to help me on this matter, I would appreciate it a lot!

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